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Good News for LG

After a long time being eclipsed by the Koreans at Samsung for the last couple of years, things are finally starting to look up for LG. The well-known manufacturer is finally becoming relevant again after it posted its operating profit for Q3 this year, a profit which revolved around the sum of 217.8 billion won ( or 196.34 million dollars ). Compared to the same period of the last year, that’s a whopping 27% increase.

The folks at LG claim that they were able to achieve this despite slowing demand in its Home Entertainment division and unfavorable exchange rates. The company’s earnings report actually tells of LG Mobile shipping an impressive number of 12 million smartphones during this last quarter. The company is also expecting an even bigger number of sales during the holiday season, sales that wouldn’t be possible without their strong new flagship – the LG G2 – or their mid-range devices such as the L II and the F series.

It’s great to see that LG is back to what they did best. Here’s hoping that one day they’ll actually be able to offer the undisputed leader, Samsung, a run for its money. Any day now, the profit report of Samsung is also expected pretty soon, but initial estimates are indicating that it will be a record-breaking 7.28 billion number profit.

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