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Galaxy S5 – Extended Battery Now on Pre-Order

Have you ever thought that the battery of the Galaxy S5 was too low and wanted it to look and feel more like a brick in your hand and pocket? Well you’re in luck because the extended batteries for this device have just started hitting the pre-order stage. Personally, I’ve never really understood the need for one of these as I’m not that much of a power-user, but isn’t it a little bit weird that the phone makers are trying hard to make things thinner and thinner, and some people are actually thinking of ways to make them thicker again? Well it’s either people are missing the 1980s phone design or they just want to be carrying around a brick of a phone that moves so fast it makes all the others look like bricks, ironically.

Currently, there are two manufacturers setting their products up for sale -Mugen and ZeroLemon. These two are quit different, although they come for relatively similar price ( 45 and 50 dollars, respectively ). The main differences between them are:

  • The Mugen unit isn’t that large – only 2950 mAh – especially since the default battery of the phone is a 2800 mAh unit, however, it does promise a 5% increase in battery life.
  • The ZeroLemon version is a massive 7500 mAh behemoth.

The advantages here ( and disadvantages, depending on your point of view ) are that the Mugen version doesn’t actually increase the size of the S5, where as the ZeroLemon will require you to use ZeroLemon’s external case to keep everything together. Well, at least ZeroLemon’s case also adds a bit of extra security to the device, especially since adding weight will drastically influence the effects of a drop of the phone from a certain height ( unless I’m mistaken in my physics, more weight = more mass, more mass = larger gravitational force, larger gravitational force = stronger impact ).

As far as availability for these two goes, the Mugen version will be shipping May 23rd, where as the ZeroLemon comes out a bit earlier – on May 14th.

You can consider getting one if you really need it, but personally I wouldn’t get either one. The reason for that is that one is too small, so I find it a bigger bother to replace than the reward will be, and the other one is too large even for my standards …

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