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Field Runners HD

This is yet another “defenders” game. If you’re not familiar with the Tower Defense concept, let me make it clear for you. In the “Tower Defense” type of games you have an objective to guard and hordes of enemies coming in from one side of the screen to make sure you don’t succeed in guarding the said objective. You have an amount of currency to use in building “towers” (buildings, plants, animals, humanoids, guards etc). The hordes of monsters provide you with currency (gold,dollars,metal,jewels,mana etc) once you destroy them so that you can build more towers or upgrade your existing ones. This kind of game requires great strategy and careful planning if you even hope to survive.

As far as the official description says, this game is the champion of Tower Defense games. Judging from the graphics (even though it’s an HD version – thus it is obliged to have awesome graphics).

Some features may include :

  • The most fun you’ve EVER had in your life
  • Over 400 waves across 4 unique battlefields
  • 7 awesome weapons so you can defeat bad guys with style
  • Stunning HD visuals created by a team of crime fighting master artists
  • Gameplay so addictive that it’s practically time travel
  • Tablet support
  • A bunch of super fun game modes and difficulty levels
  • The best achievements in video game history

You can get this really awesome app from the Amazon.

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