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Faster Galaxy S4, Not the Expected Reaction from Korea

Whenever a new phone comes out, I like to wait for a bit before actually buying it. It’s not about the phone per say, it’s just that I am kind of slow to embrace new ideas. Also, somewhere deep inside my mind rests a little creature that whispers “Wait, they can do better”. Therefore, same as with a new Operating System, they always do certain modifications to the devices. As I have no problem with waiting, I usually get the device about an year later and thus have a choice between either the original device, or the few other better versions of it that came out later. This may not be a good behavior for a customer, but that is simply how I do things ( and I am by far the least qualified person to give advice about how to do things ).

Chances have it that a few days ago, Samsung’s Co-CEO – J.K. Shin – confirmed that an LTE-Advanced version of the Galaxy S4 is currently being created. As luck would have it, this version will run on the latest and most powerful Qualcomm chipset to date – the Snapdragon 800. Being equipped with the latest hardware, it is to nobody’s surprise that the LTE-A model of the Galaxy S4 will likely dethrone any other previous champ in the benchmarks of the current generation of S4 smartphones ( more accurately, the I9500, I9505 and Active ).

However, when one does such things as release a phone and then later release the same device with better hardware, you can’t help but upset a couple of people. In this case, the owners of a Galaxy S4 ( which are a lot, trust me ), especially the ones in Korea, were quite upset by this news. This isn’t exactly the best course of action for the Korean smartphone manufacturer, to upset the Korean clients, I mean, since the device is expected to launch first there.

Therefore, while Samsung might be doing a favor to those who do not have the phone yet ( such as I ), it is certainly upsetting those who have already purchased the device. It is sort of like the console creators are doing when they release stuff that only has “brighter backlight and bigger screen” or something like that. Also, this doesn’t really bode to well if you try to grasp the concept. It has only been 2 months since the Galaxy S4 is on the market and already it will be replaced by a faster one. Also, I don’t suppose I’m alone in thinking that many would have been willing to wait had they known that this more powerful version of the device would be coming out.


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