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Enemy Lines

It has been some time since I’ve seen an enjoyable strategy game for Android devices. Now, it all sort of depends on the view of each individual of what strategy means. There may be others out there in other genres as well, genres such as TBS ( Turn-Based Strategy ). However, the only real strategy genre that I find enjoyable is the RTS ones ( Real Time Strategy ). I usually find that RTS games promote fast thinking and fast acting. Those are skills useful in your everyday life as well. I am also a firm believer that one can learn a lot from games, although this opinion is somewhat disputed in certain circles. Well, leaving that aside, we stand here with a fairly decent-graphics game that can offer you hours of entertainment. Also, one of the major advantages of this game is the fact that it is a Free App, so it will not cost you anything to try and enjoy it.


  • Train infantry, vehicle, and air units with special combat skills
  • Face off against the Blackscar enemy in an immersive campaign
  • Engage in intense player vs. player battles for resources and medals
  • Form Alliances and compete in weekly tournaments with ladders and leagues


The story of this game places you in a future in which the world has become a cutthroat battlefield and you’ve been thrown right into the fray. You are to rise from the ashes and consolidate your military might in order to attain the sweetest goal of all – revenge. You can train an upgrade your troops, play through a riveting campaign of conquest and battle other players in an exciting RTS game.

There are a few warning to this game, but more as a joke rather than real warnings. Apparently, just like Starcraft in its days, it can prove to get quite addicting and if you enjoy the genre, you will find yourself playing this awesome little strategy game for hours on end.

As I previously mentioned, this game is free to play. What does the creator get out of this if the app is free to play? It is simple: this game features in-app payments. Of course, through play you can unlock the items in the store, but if you’re a fan of the “Pay to win” method, feel free to spend as much as you want. Not to be taken as insult by those who actually pay to support the creator.

If you like strategy games, do feel free to give this one a shot. You will certainly not regret it.

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