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This is a fairly interesting puzzle game that is bound to work your brains at least a little bit. Its basis is simple, but the key to this games lies in how they put into action their well-thought plan. This game is one of the more enjoyable little puzzlers which I highly recommend. I believe it will run on even some of the weaker Android devices, so there’s no need to worry about any system requirements. More so, the game will not draw you back on anything as it is one of those rare GOOD free-to-play games. I will provide you with a video of the game at the end of this article.


  • Over 200 hand crafted puzzles and counting
  • Stylized minimalist design
  • Various Puzzle mechanics
  • Smooth and responsive interface
  • Hours of fun


The idea of the game is simple: you have to move the blocks ( from which the name is derived – clever isn’t it ) in order to form lines of 3 similar colored blocks. While the idea sounds simple enough, I did say that the whole key is in how you execute it. I’m pleased to say that this game executes it pretty well as it gets increasingly more difficult with each level. The increased difficulty consists of having more colors of blocks, certain unmovable ones and limited moves in which to attain the solution of said puzzle. However, the game does support a pretty efficient Hint system which can either solve a puzzle for you or just show you a few moves.

Again, you can try this game out whenever you wish as it is a free to play one. Sure, it may get old quick once you get the hang of it, but it can at least provide with a few hours of entertainment in your most boring hour. If you require further convincing, below you have a video demonstration of the game:

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