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Apple vs Samsung: Never-Ending Legal Battle

It’s nobody’s surprise that Apple is still fighting Samsung on the legal front. With these two at it, the fun never ends. And the thing is, it’s always Apple that initiates everything. They seem to have quite a knack at causing trouble for everyone else. Now myself being e personal fan of Samsung, I can’t really say I have a very objective point of view. I try to as much as I can, but I always end up being in favor of Samsung over Apple. Most of the times, I end up being right and the judges simply dismiss Apple’s claims left and right. Few cases were when Samsung was truly guilty.

The patent war between Samsung and Apple seems to be constantly waged on all fronts. One of the previously engaged stalemates is to be resolved somewhere in August. Originally scheduled on January 23, the final ruling will decide in this case if Apple will win the United States import ban on Samsung devices or not. Actually, it all depends on whether the devices infringe on Apple’s patents. While a few preliminary results claimed that Samsung infringed 4 patents of Apple, a lot of things can change in such a long time.

Should Apple have their way after the August 1 ruling, there will be a 60-day Presidential review period during which the White House can veto the import ban ( which usually doesn’t happen, unfortunately ). That means that should the potential ban come to being, it will take place in October.

Until then however, the ITC has to judge another case. This time, Samsung is trying an Apple product ban as they claim there are alleged violations on the FRAND patents. The ruling is scheduled for around March 7.

If you’d like to know more about this legal battle, you can always search the internet for more info. However, unless you’re extremely versed in legal terms and know all the patents by heart, it can turn out to be very complicated very quickly. You’ve been warned.

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