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Android Distribution Shows a Great Increase in Android OS v4.x

While we all know that the Android OS is dominating the mobile Operating System market, it is still fun to keep a bit of an evidence once in a while to see which version of the OS is doing best and how well have they fared from month to month. As you’d expect, we’ll be taking a more detailed look at Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich, as they are the current version of Android that are HOT and OUT THERE.

The Android distribution of these Android versions has definitely increased significantly, however, it has yet to reach Google’s high expectations. In my opinion it has nothing to do with the quality of the OS. I think it is all due to the fact that they are too new, both of them. The vast majority of people have older low-end Android Phones, and needless to say, those particular phones can’t handle the update to this newer version.

As we stand, we have something similar to this at the current time:

  • Cupcake ( 1.5 ) is at 0.1%
  • Donut ( 1.6 ) is at 0.3%
  • Eclair ( 2.1 ) is at 3.1%
  • Froyo ( 2.2 ) is at 12%
  • Gingerbread: the older one ( 2.3 – 2.3.2 ) is at 0.3% and the newer one ( 2.3.3 – 2.3.7 ) is at 53.9%
  • Honeycomb: the older one ( 3.1 ) is at 0.4% and the newer one ( 3.2 ) is at 1.4%
  • Ice Cream Sandwich ( 4.0.3 – 4.0.4 ) is at 25.8%
  • Jelly Bean ( 4.1 ) is at 2.7%

That previous classification was taken from a chart measuring the collected data during a 14-day testing period which ended on the 1st of November, 2012.

At a mere 2.7%, Android OS v4.1 Jelly Bean usage has jumped for only 0.9% compared to September 2012, fact which may not be so good. The OS debuted exactly 6 months ago, and despite all the best efforts of Samsung and HTC to update their higher-end devices, Jelly Bean has still to receive any proper traction / pull.

The Ice Cream Sandwich distribution is also rising quite swiftly, clocking in at around 25.8%. Heck, that’s almost 2 points up from last month. With most of the great manufacturers having completed their scheduled update to ICS, we really can’t be expecting this number to continue in its climb. That is especially since everyone is shifting their attention to Jelly Bean.

Also, Gingerbread is continuing its descent from the 55.8% in September to the 53.9% in October. Since most of the devices which make up this number are lower-end Androids that would probably never see the light of the update on their faces any time soon, this number is likely to plummet any time soon.

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