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Amazon Kindle: Record Sales

The Amazon Kindles, a pretty neat brand of Android E-Book Readers, has managed to sell a record number of Kindle devices yet again. This should come as no surprise, for they’ve been doing well with the Kindle devices from the start. The price was GREAT ( I mean 200 dollars for a tablet with that hardware configuration at the time it came out: that was something, let me tell you ), and the tablet offered a lot of things all previous models did not ( I’m talking about the Kindle Fire and everything that followed it ). The ONE drawback of this device, in my opinion, is their attempt to separate themselves from the Google Play Store, thus restricting users to the Amazon market for all their apps and games.

Similar to other years, these devices sold best in the hottest weekend of the year: the weekend between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. All voices claim that the number of unit sales was record-breaking, however, Amazon seems to be reluctant in actually revealing that number to us, as they have apparently been every year. The only things known to us is that the Kindle Fire HDX 7 inch tablet and the Kindle Fire HD were the best-sellers of all the Kindle devices.

Now aside from having a great price to begin with, both devices received a hefty discount on their price. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that they sold like hot bread out of the oven. Personally, I liked the tablet myself and felt quite torn that I couldn’t get one due to the fact that Amazon refuses to deliver to my country.

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