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Samsung Galaxy A3 – Reviewed and Tested

by  Sham Hardy  FIRST IMPRESSIONS The first thing that strikes you when picking up the new Samsung Galaxy A3 is how light it is! The device may be made of metal but it weighs in at a feathery 115 grams. Also noticeable is how slender the unit is. The slim line metal body measures just a sliver under 7mm. The width is slightly affected ... Read More »

A good and cheap Android phone I recommend

Recently a friend asked me to recommend an Android phone. I told him that first he should look at his carrier and see what they can offer. I noticed that the cheapest Android phone was a Samsung i5500. When I took a closer look I noticed that it runs Android 2.1, which was considered new at that time. Read More »

Are you addicted to your smartphone ?

Some people are addicted to cigarettes, others to alcohol, but the world is facing another addiction problem: cell phones. While the cell phones were used only for remotely talking was a big issue, bu not huge one. We could see people talking all the day on their phones and some of them have serious addiction issues. But, the real problems ... Read More »

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