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Motorola during Cyber Monday: Apologies and Rectifications

A few days ago I posted something about Motorola’s upcoming sale. They were going to offer their device, the Moto X, for a very reasonable price on Cyber-Monday ( which, as a non-american, I had little to no reason to care about, but I went ahead and told people about it anyways – if you you’re curious, I have a ... Read More »

Motorola Moto X – Good News for Cyber-Monday

As a non-american, I must admit I had to Google the terms to find out what Cyber-Monday is, and if YOU too are non-american, you may as well stop reading right now. This little piece of good news is only oriented towards the people in the USA or that have access to Cyber-Monday, but considering it’s something that follows Thanksgiving ... Read More »

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