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Motorola during Cyber Monday: Apologies and Rectifications

A few days ago I posted something about Motorola’s upcoming sale. They were going to offer their device, the Moto X, for a very reasonable price on Cyber-Monday ( which, as a non-american, I had little to no reason to care about, but I went ahead and told people about it anyways – if you you’re curious, I have a link HERE that redirects to the original piece of news ). Apparently a few problems occurred, as even the most prudent among us were expecting, and Motorola is trying to rectify that situation.

Motorola embarked on that purpose with a noble plan, to offer the unlocked version of the Moto X for one the most advantageous prices out there ( identical to the Nexus 5, actually ): 350 dollars for the regular 16 GB version and 400 dollars for the 32 GB version of the phone. This plan, while it was good and promised a lot, Motorola failed to deliver. More precise, the server for their website failed to deliver, as it wasn’t exactly designed to handle such a load.

The website of the manufacturer, on the day of the sale, wasn’t able to cope with all the simultaneous transactions and concurrent orders, and it lead to basically nobody being able to purchase the phone. In order to make up for that, Motorola is promising to rectify everything by offering the same unlocked version of the device for the same price on Wednesday, December 4, and on Monday, December 9, as well.

In case you’ve missed out on the deal last time, this may be your chance at getting the device for a size-able discount yet again. A word of the wise, however: make sure to be in line early, as there is no guarantee that history won’t repeat itself and that the website won’t start acting up again.

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