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Samsung Galaxy Tab S – Best Tablet Display Yet?

I’ve often thought that tablets were a lost cause, but it falls yet again to Samsung to raise my morale about it and finally make something that’s in line with the world. My main problem with tablets was that they all seemed inferior to phones ( and were, to be frank ) as the only real thing they had better was a larger screen, but the quality of said screen was deplorable compared to that of a modern-day flagship.

Samsung, though, has once again raised the bar of tablets all around by making one of the best tablet series around – the Galaxy Tab S line. They are said to have one of the best screens out there, being on par with the Galaxy S5 in quality. Actually, the people at DisplayMate¬†that said this about the screen of this new tablet line also pointed out that the display of the S5 was the best screen they’ve ever tested.

It would appear that the gamble Samsung took with Super AMOLED On this new series of tablets paid off, these being the first tablets to come out with AMOLED screens ever since the Galaxy Tab 7.7 of 2011, though in they’re defense, they seem to have been worth the wait.

In the tests undertaken, the Galaxy Tab S line established new records for tablet screen performance, coming with the highest color accuracy, lowest screen reflectance and smallest brightness variation with viewing angle ever found on a tablet. These achievements are also accompanied by the ever-present infinite contrast ratio of AMOLED screens. Also, when it comes to color accuracy, these weren’t just the best tablets, but the best in general, even surpassing the Galaxy S5’s panel.

The maximum brightness for the tablets is good, however, not earth-shattering. Actually, the record here is held by the Nokia Lumia 2520 which has 684 nits compared to the 546 nits of this one. This is also the only area where the screen of the Tab S didn’t receive an “Excellent”.

This has forced the previous “best tabled display”, owned by Amazon’s Kindle Fire HDX, to move into 2nd place, thus pushing Apple’s iPad Air to 3rd.

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