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Qualcomm’s Adreno 400 in 2014

Qualcomm has certainly made a reputation in today’s market, and left a pretty lasting impression too. Their latest GPU, the Adreno 330, currently powering the Snapdragon 800, is one of the strongest graphic cards for mobile devices out there. It would be expected of any other manufacturer that after releasing such a powerful creation, they would just settle back and revel in the after-glow. However, that is not the case of Qualcomm, who decided that they’d be releasing the successor of that hit GPU – the Adreno 400. This new GPU series is expected to debut alongside the new Snapdragon chipset series.

Qualcomm already has a reputation of showcasing its newest innovations at CES, and they may as well continue the tradition and unveil this newest product at next year’s CES 2014 Edition.

Little is known about the Adreno 400’s strength as of yet, we only know that they’ll be talking about it next year for sure. The Adreno 400 is said to come with a significant boost to the graphic performance ( which should be a hoot to see, considering the Adreno 330 could push 3.6 Gigapixels per second ). However, there are some bad rumors floating around as well, rumors such as the new GPU not having support for OpenGL. While I don’t really see this as a viable option, I have been known to be proven wrong at some points of my life.

Currently all of this is a bit of a mystery. There are all sorts of rumors floating around about this next big GPU from Qualcomm, so make sure to take all the info you might read with a pinch of salt, as not all of it should be trusted in 100%.

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