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ZTE Star 1

Today we’ll be taking a little look at the ZTE Star 1, a highly anticipated phone from ZTE that packs a bit of power on it and is sold for a price that won’t break your bank. I may be going a bit out on a limb in saying that this device is sort of like the perfect package, offering both ... Read More »

ZTE Z5S and Z5S Mini: 2.5 Mil Pre-Orders

ZTE is a pretty big manufacturer, but certainly not on the same page as Samsung or HTC or the likes. However, when they do strike it big, they set themselves up like bandits. ZTE has, in fact, recently announced its latest flagship smartphone – the Nubia Z5S ( as you’ve probably already guessed from the title ). Along with this, ... Read More »

ZTE Flash

Well, it has been some time since I last reviewed a phone, and an even longer time since I showed you a phone which more people can afford. Let’s be honest here, we all love checking out the Flagships each great manufacturer releases now and again to give themselves a huge boost in profits, but then again, not every one ... Read More »


Today we’ll be reviewing the ZTE T98. This is a really powerful tablet. Keep in touch with this website as these days I will only review powerful devices, Tegra equipped devices, to be more precise. Such devices are capable of running stuff so complex that it may not even work on the PC you’re reading this review from. Even so, one ... Read More »


Today we’re going to be reviewing the ZTE Era. Now ZTE doesn’t usually have the habbit of releasing high quality phones or tablets. Their reputation, as far as I can see it, me being an impartial reviewer, is that they tend to copy the design of other high-ranking or best-selling phones and then rename them. They had a habit of copying ... Read More »

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