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Color & Draw for Kids

This particular Android application embodies the strength and possibilities of two totally different apps. One for sketching creations in the classic Black & White way and another one for coloring the said creations.

This particular application is designed specifically for kids (counting on the fact that you would allow your children to use an Android device).

Apps that only offer blank pages for ‘free drawing’ can be a little intimidating for the youngest children. And many so-called activity books are too ambiguous or too difficult for little children to decode on their own, leaving them asking: “Dad, what do I draw now?” and “Mom, what am I supposed to do here?”

This application pushes the limits of traditional coloring apps harnessing the possibilities of the touch screen environments. Color&Draw boasts beautifully crafted, specially designed springboard drawings, voice recorded invitations for all drawing for children to add to or complete the drawings, a lovely color palette, multiple stroke sizes and erasers, and stickers. Kids or their parents can share their creations via email or save them to the device’s gallery.

A few features :

  • 50 cute and smart, custom illustrations by our professional art department
  • Fun, age-appropriate themes: animals, professions and natural settings
  • Save drawings to the in-app Art Gallery, your device photo album or share them via email
  • 50 custom voice over invitations
  • Real finger painting. Not the classic “the-machine-fills-it-for-you” app engine! Kids develop and improve their fine motor skills and creativity.
  • Limited curated color palette. Enough colors choices for a full spectrum of artistic expression yet restricted so kids are not overwhelmed by too many options.
  • Multiple eraser options

You can get this really awesome app from the Android Market, among other places.

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  1. Really like the app but as large as it is, it badly needs move to SD card option.

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