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HTC Flyer Pre-Sale at Best Buy for $499

HTC’s first tablet project is the Flyer, a tablet that works with a capacitive type stylus, so it’s targeted at those interested in a stylus, but not so much at the rest of Android users, considering it doesn’t have the tablet tailored OS that is Honeycomb. Read More »

HTC Fails to Deliver a Proper Tablet

This year’s MWC shows that HTC is not the innovative company it was last year. From their desire churn out devices faster and to keep them “customized” with their own skin, HTC is not only coming up with designs that look almost identical, but they also come up with tablets that don’t have Honeycomb, and not even a dual-core chip, ... Read More »

HTC Flyer Disappoints. Has HTC Lost Its Innovative Touch?

HTC has been a very innovative phone manufacturer until now. They’ve always tried to push things forward and be the first to do something. They were the first with a 3G phone and the first with a 4G phone, and also let’s not forget they were the first with a 1 Ghz Android phone. It looks like it might not ... Read More »

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