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Alcatel OT-993

Today we’ll be reviewing the Alcatel OT-993. The Alcatel OT-993 isn’t an extraordinarily powerful phone. The Alcatel OT-993 is pretty decent enough phone, however, it isn’t one of the strongest ones either. Also, the Alcatel OT-993 is a Dual-SIM phone, and Dual-SIM phones usually lack hardware strength. However, this phone, apart from being of average strength and being a Daul-SIM phone, is also a ... Read More »

Alcatel OT-991

Today we’ll be reviewing the Alcatel OT-991. The Alcatel OT-991 is a pretty good phone, however, it’s not quite that powerful. Then again, most Alcatel phones are weak nowadays. For some reason they just can’t keep up with the high demand of power brought by today’s ever-changing market. However, the world needs such phones as well since they are weaker, and thus, ... Read More »

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