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Tricky Diamond Puzzle Application Review

When I was a child, I loved puzzles. Who doesn’t ? Probably I got frequently frustrated that some puzzles were too hard, or too tricky. As I grow up I stopped making puzzles because they were too damn easy and with no satisfaction. Today, I found Tricky Diamond Puzzle, an Android application with a new concept of puzzles for me: diamond.

At first, I was sure that it will be too easy and after few days of playing I will get tired. Well, the name is right and the puzzles are very tricky. First one took me few hours to get it done, but I did not gave up, instead, I worked until I finished it. I felt same as when I was a child and I played my first puzzle.

In this application, you will get a diamond shaped puzzles. You can move the triangle pieces in any direction. You will have to find both the right position and direction. This is how a basic puzzle looks:


In the application you will find different puzzle styles:

  • 20 pieces 2D diamond puzzle
  • 96 pieces 2D diamond puzzle
  • 20 pieces 3d ( sphere ) diamond puzzle
  • 80 pieces 3d (sphere ) diamond puzzle

The game comes with some default puzzles, but what is the feature that I loved the most is that you can select your own photos from gallery and create puzzles. I had a good time reassembling myself in diamond shape.


The 3d sphere puzzles were too hard for me and I was not able to finish one so far, but I have enough time to do this. You don’t have to worry about lost games. Every puzzle you start is saved in “existing puzzles” that are displayed on the home screen.


You can view more details about the application on Google Play Store. You can support the developers by purchasing the Enhanced Version of the application which lets you to customize your puzzles in any way you want: more levels, more puzzles. Enjoy.

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