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Samsung Simband and SAMI Health Tracker – What to Expect

Fitness tracking on mobile phones seems to be the new trend nowadays. More and more large manufacturers seem to be interested in ways of tracking your health-related items ( Like weight-loss and exercise-progress ) with more and more precision. The Galaxy S5 even had a built-in heart rate monitor, but it would seem that the people at Samsung want to ... Read More »

Samsung Replaces Head of Design Team

Samsung has recently done an important move that will probably have far-reaching consequences on the future design of its device. The head of its mobile design division , Chang Dong-hoon, was replaced recently by the vice-president of the mobile design division, Lee Min-hyouk. The personnel shift is taking place during a large bombardment of criticism about the design of Samsung’s ... Read More »

Galaxy S5 – Extended Battery Now on Pre-Order

Have you ever thought that the battery of the Galaxy S5 was too low and wanted it to look and feel more like a brick in your hand and pocket? Well you’re in luck because the extended batteries for this device have just started hitting the pre-order stage. Personally, I’ve never really understood the need for one of these as ... Read More »

Boundaries of Phablets Pushed Again

Nowadays, it would seem that the boundaries of smartphone sizes are constantly being moved. Used to be that a 7.0 inch screen device was clearly a Tablet ( the minimum size for a tablet, anyway ). Now, smartphones seem to be getting bigger and bigger. Frankly, I don’t suffer from that one bit as I like to wear baggy pants ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S5

Each year Samsung prides itself on releasing what is in their opinion the best Android phone of the year. While I try to be an impartial observer and never take sides or preferences in the matter of choice between mobile devices, I can’t help but give them some credit. The device in itself is a beast, alas I can’t help ... Read More »

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