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Find help for your tech problems with Ask Wiz, your tech expert

With the launch if Ask Wiz, tech support is getting to a new level. Ask Wiz combines the power of artificial intelligence with the knowledge of thousand of technology experts to solve your problem faster and better. Ask Wiz uses artificial intelligence to understand support requests and to assign them to tech experts, called “wizards”, who are compensated for their effort. This ... Read More »

How do you use the Motors app?

Since the launch of the Motors website in 2007, which offers an easy to use database of new and second hand cars for the whole of the UK, the site has become something of an internet-era phenomenon. This has been achieved by offering a simple – but much needed – service by removing much of the tiresome and time-consuming legwork ... Read More »

Money Supermarket Car Insurance Finder Android Application

Applications on Android are growing rapidly, but there is still enough space for better ones. There are a lot of them that are doing funny or tricky things, but the real power of Android applications is coming when Web or Desktop applications are moving to Android. The great advantages of  already existing applications that are coming to Android is that ... Read More »

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