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Flash Player 10.2 Coming to Android on March 18th

One of Motorola Xoom’s most touted features was support for Flash, so it came as a little disappointing when they said that Flash won’t be available until at least few weeks after launch. It made the tablet seem rushed (among other things) and it also made Adobe look bad by moving so slow to provide an update for Honeycomb. Read More »

Asus to Release Netbooks with Android This Year

Asus made their first Android netbook a couple of years ago, but unfortunately for them, it wasn’t such a big success. By then people expected netbooks to be mini-laptops, which means they wanted nothing else but Windows on them. Plus, back then, Android didn’t even look that good on smartphones, let alone on a laptop. So why is Asus having ... Read More »

Honeycomb Gets Fast Boot And Awesome Intro Animation

Matias Duarte and his team have worked for almost a year to improve the design of Android, and I think they did everything they could in this timeframe to make Android not only optimized for tablets and as intuitive as possibe, but also very cool looking. This is very important in making fans love the Android tablets, but it’s even ... Read More »

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