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Heroes of Order & Chaos

If you enjoy gaming on the PC once in a while, you might have heard the term “MOBA game“. What MOBA stands for is Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. MOBA games are more often than not referred to as the perfect combination between RPG and RTS, all sprinkled with a hint of PVP. These are the games that were inspired from ... Read More »

Plants vs Zombies

If you’ve played PC games in your days, you should know that there is game publisher out there known as Pop-Cap Games. If you haven’t heard about them on the PC, I bet you’ve heard of them on the Android as they started some time ago to port their old PC games to the Android consoles. Plants vs Zombies is ... Read More »

Color Oil

It has been some time since I reviewed an interesting Android Game, and what better game to start with than a Free one? Now as many free games are, you may think that this game too gets boring fast or isn’t worth the time. I beg to differ, however. Also, if you have an older phone, it’s all good as ... Read More »


If you’re a fan of Simulator type games ( personally, I’m not a fan of them – on any platform ), then you will most certainly enjoy this game. C.H.A.O.S., as the creator dubbed it, or Combat Helicopter Assault Operation Simulator, is just as its name suggests a simulator in which you take control of a helicopter with which you ... Read More »

SketchBook Mobile

Every once in a while, when searching the market for any new apps that might spark the interest of a few people, one happens to stumble upon the rare app that seems to be better than the rest. Well, not really better, but a cut above the rabble. I’m talking about finding the app that makes you say: “WOW, look ... Read More »

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