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Follow All Of The Playoff Action Of The Bruins And Celtics With CBS Sports App

Well, it’s playoff season, so now is the best time for sports fans. Whether you are looking for action with the NBA finals or want to see your favorite hockey team win the Stanley Cup, this is the time to revel in greatness. But how can you make sure to check on sports scores without having to go to a TV or turn on the radio? Well, thanks to mobile technology, you can download a free sports app and follow your favorite teams remotely.

Follow Your Local Teams

When you sign up with the CBS Sports app, it will instantly find the teams that play for your city. Best of all, it will not only show the professional options, but your local college sports as well. That way, when March Madness rolls around again, you can stay on top of your bracket and see how your local boys do in the championship.

Find Scores for Everything

Do you love basketball and football? What about golf, soccer, or NASCAR? No matter what sport you follow, you can search for the latest scores and get notifications when your favorite teams are playing. With the best sports app around, it has never been easier to stay on top of the playoffs and championship games. Best of all, you can even find international sports, too, so if you are a fan of the Europa League, you can watch those games as well.

See Live Events

What happens if you want to watch a game, but you aren’t near a television? Well, thanks to the CBS Sports app, you can stream live events right to your smartphone. As long as you have a decent connection, you should be able to watch without any interference, making your phone one of the most valuable items in your pocket (more than it already is, at least).

No matter what your sports passion is, you can find it with the CBS Sports app. It’s free to download so that you can stay up to date immediately.

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