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ESET Mobile Security: The Protection you Really Need for your Android Phone

After I tested ESET Mobile Security on my Android device, I can say that this is the first Mobile Security that have all the protection needed while there is a very clean design and I can really understand what every option will do to my phone.

When I first opened the application, I was amazed about the nice and clean design. I was able to understand everything in the menu and set the desired security options in only few minutes. I couldn’t imagine such

a good looking and yet very effective interface for a security app. I was getting tired reviewing security applications, because of the bad interface, but this is a real gain for ESET Mobile Security.

Another thing I am impressed is the Scan speed. You have 3 scan options: quick scan, smart scan and deep scan. While the Quick scan was very quick, taking only few seconds, the deep scan reviewed a phone full of files in less than 3 minutes.

The amount of protection features is impressive in ESET Mobile Security. It is probably the most rich security application that exists right now. Along with the malware protection, you also get phishing protection, unsafe app settings notification, call and sms blocking, anti-teft solutions with sim card removal notification.

According to the test made by the creators, ESET Mobile Security detected 100% of the malwares used for the tests. This is very impressive and with all other features, you can say that you get 100% protection.

Accessing ESET web portal, you can remotely delete your private data from the device in case it is stolen or lost, you can control it via text messages and you can access the GPS to get the approximate location where it is now. Anti-teft pack also includes remote lock, remote siren, and sim card removal notifications.

You are protected when you browse the Internet too. You are noticed if the website you visit contains malware or if there might be a phishing attempt. You are safe with “grey” apps too. ESET Mobile Security gives you option to review what data an application gets and will give you alerts on suspicious activity.

With the good design, great results, and the variety of features, ESET might be the best solution for Android security.

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