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Asus to Release Netbooks with Android This Year

Asus made their first Android netbook a couple of years ago, but unfortunately for them, it wasn’t such a big success. By then people expected netbooks to be mini-laptops, which means they wanted nothing else but Windows on them. Plus, back then, Android didn’t even look that good on smartphones, let alone on a laptop. So why is Asus having ... Read More »

Nvidia Is Killing Its Competitors in the ARM Chip Race

Nvidia promised us the first dual core Tegra 2 last year at CES, and they kept their promise, shipping for the first time in September in a Toshiba smartbook, and later in some noname tablets. Because of this, it mostly went unnoticed, and only now that some big companies like Motorola, Samsung and LG are launching tablets and smartphones with ... Read More »

HTC Flyer Disappoints. Has HTC Lost Its Innovative Touch?

HTC has been a very innovative phone manufacturer until now. They’ve always tried to push things forward and be the first to do something. They were the first with a 3G phone and the first with a 4G phone, and also let’s not forget they were the first with a 1 Ghz Android phone. It looks like it might not ... Read More »

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