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Top 5 Monopoly Game Apps on Android

The fast paced classic real estate magnate game of Monopoly originated in the US in 1903 as an educational tool to explain the single Tax Theory of Henry George. By 1935, Parker Brother began the commercialisation of the current version of Monopoly game that we know, and currently Hasbro is the main publisher of this game. Through the years, different ... Read More »

Monopoly Millionaire

Once in a while, I too fancy a quick game of Monopoly¬†with my friends. I don’t really like the mobile edition games of Monopoly as usually they take out all the realism from it with all sorts of ugly graphics and gameplay mechanics that just feel out of place. However, with this game, the story is different. It looks great, ... Read More »


Today we’ll be reviewing a little game called Monopoly, the game famous for ruining friendships and families alike. If you’ve never played Monopoly in your life, you’ve got to stop and ask yourself this question: At what point has my life turned so wrong? Now I didn’t mean to be so drastic about it, but one has to have a ... Read More »

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