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4 Savvy Smartphone Strategies to Protect Your Device

If you’re like most smartphone users, your smartphone is like another appendage. You feel lost without it, panic when you lose it, and suffer major anxiety when something devastating happens to your beloved device. As they say, prevention is the best medicine. Keeping your smartphone safe and well-protected is the key to avoiding these mishaps. These strategies will help you ... Read More »

Get anonymous and protected with Jailbreak VPN

I know that you have nothing bad to hide, but there are still cases when you would like a certain website not to track you, or you don’t want to risk to get your password stolen by someone else when you are connecting to a public Wi-Fi. For such cases, you need to use a VPN to create an anonymous ... Read More »

Three ways to boost your Android phone’s security

If you’re currently browsing 4g mobile phones one of the main reasons for getting a new handset could be to take advantage of the great selection of applications. If you’ve got an Android handset there are a wide range of apps available to download from the Google Play Store and there are even a few that will help keep your ... Read More »

Is Android the Windows of Mobile Phones ?

There is something that Android users are most afraid of: thinking that Android is the Windows of mobile phones. Despite the bad way I feel when I hear this, it is just the phase of negation. I know that there will be a moment when hackers will turn their attention to Android and big security issues will be found. Read More »

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