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Android Smartphone Prepared for Business – Crawl in by Mobile Workers

There has been current news of group checking iPads, iPhones as well as the Androids in commercial atmosphere, with a lot of IT departments becoming conscious that either workers are buying those favored devices as well as feel more creative on them, otherwise for some circumstances, there might be positive aspect in having further open platforms by means of easy-to-use ... Read More »

Can you find 3 advantages of IPhone over Android ?

The media is very powerfull these days, we are tempted to buy anything a star recommends. If you see an actor from Hollywood using a gadget how likely is to desire to have it ? I will tell you: very likely. Is this the right decision to make ? Buy the gadget that actors buy, or the gadgets that all ... Read More »

Android built-in apps vs apps from market

The Android market is full of apps that do the same thing, and most of them do the same thing as the apps you have on your phone by default. The most common title for all these is: “better”. Better keyboard, better phonebook, better everything. Are they really better ? In my opinion, most of them are better, but that ... Read More »

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