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Fruit Ninja

Today we’ll be reviewing this nifty little game about fruit genocide. This game is a pretty nice one and a good time passer, but it gets repetitive quite quick. Still, many prefer this little game as a time-passer to actually doing something productive.

You may know this game from Facebook as well, as I’ve seen they ported it as a browser flash game. However, it’s a totally different feeling to play it with your fingers instead of with your mouse. Many have enjoyed this game and many more have purchased it for enjoying it at its fullest.

You’re bound to get at least a few hours of entertainment with this little app. And if all else fails you can just act like a total psychopath and modify the game so that instead of fruit you’re chopping up you can add pictures of your hated enemies ( I’m not judging, you know, whatever suits you ).


  • In this juicy little arcade action game you will find yourself carving, splattering and slashing your way through piles of colorful fruit
  • You can choose from three different game modes to play through : Classic, Arcade and Zen
  • Your gaming experience can be customized with unlock-able weapons and background
  • This game also has three different power-ups that spawn randomly, so keep your eyes open at all times
  • This game also has online scoring and achievements. If you think you have a high enough score you can upload it online and be ranked in the leader boards since this game has OpenFeint support
  • You can also challenge other players in the Multiplayer compatibility using both Local and Online Multiplayer services


This game, Fruit Ninja, is also classified by its manufacturer as: “The messiest, most satisfying fruit game ever!”. Whether they’re right or wrong, you tell me.

While killing fruit hardly seems a thing worth a ninja’s time, the good folks at Halfbrick Studios will tell you, this is more than just a mere game for ninjas. According to them, all ninjas hate fruit. You are also invited, through this game, to join the ninja clan as you slash your way through three modes of juice soaked gameplay. Soon you shall see for yourself how messy this game can get.

You are to enter in the dojo of the wise ninja sensei in order to hone your deadly fruit slicing skills ( more of a dojo for exotic chefs than ninjas, but I guess Fruit Ninja sounds better than Fruit Chef ). This game is so difficult to play that even a toddler can do it: just swipe your finger across the screen to carve gruesome, juice-splattered smears out of hordes of apples, watermelons, coconuts and other ninja foes. This is also an addictive, fun and casual game that brings a splash of bright colors to your Android screen.

This game also has its own obstacles as well. You are to slice multiple fruit at the same time to score combos and earn bonus points, but a bomb here and there will be the death of your adventure / high score / combo. As I said, a precise touchscreen control and a simple and addictive gameplay ensure a fun experience for even the youngest of grasshopers.

As you train to become a killing machine for fruit, your success is going to be monitored closely by the sensei. If he is satisfied with you, he may grant you certain coveted items and exciting new backgrounds. Look sharp with your bright new “Mr. Sparkle” blade or even make foes feverish with the shifting neon tones of the “Disco Blade”.

In addition to all this free “swag” ( I personally hate that word and like the parody translation “Secretly We Are Gay” – personally I have nothing against Gay people, but the people that use words like “swag” on a daily basis are usually the same people that use Gay as an insult ), the sensei also has a ton of sage-worthy advice to offer. For example, did you know that there are over 1200 varieties of watermelon? Or did you know that in some parts of the world trained monkeys are used to harvest coconuts? Heed his wisdom since, judging by what every scholar of war would tell you, you must know your enemy.

Long gone are the days in which ninjas lived their life in secrecy and in the shroud of darkness, the modern ninja knows that in this era of social networking one is constantly chasing attention and so you can upload your scores online via the OpenFeint support. Afterwards you can fight with your friends over the top of the leaderboards or even find and import other friends from your Facebook. You can then compare your scores online for the bragging rights. You can also unlock achievements as you play through the game, fulfilling special objectives such as “Mango Magic” or “Combo Mambo”.

Game modes :

  1. Arcade – Fast-paced gameplay is what you’ll find here. You have to keep your eyes peeled for power-ups to improve  your score. Such power-ups are : “Freeze” banana that slows down the action of the game, making it easier to rack up combos; “Double Points” banana that does exactly what its name suggests; “Frenzy” banana that triggers a colorful eruption of fruit and stars that pour in from both sides of the screen.
  2. Classic – The original mode of Fruit Ninja in which you lose if you miss 3 pieces of fruit. You’ve no time limit so you only have to worry about scoring “Multikills” with just one precise blow.
  3. Zen – Enter the meditative state with this peaceful and relaxing mode. There’s no more pressure here. You haven o bombs, no power-up and no penalty for missed fruit. All you must do in this mode is score as much as possible in 90 seconds.
Gameplay Elements :

  • Intuitive and precise touchscreen controls for a quick and easy learning curve
  • Bright, colorful gameplay with delicious fruit splatters and sound effects
  • Combo chains and critical hits
  • Three different game modes: Arcade, Classic, and Zen
  • Rustling leaves, bamboo flutes, and other soothing ambient sounds
  • Three power-ups to change the way you play
  • Sensei’s Swag
  • Be on the lookout for ways to unlock some of these juicy rewards, as well as the elusive and rare Dragonfruit!
  • Old Glory: Declare your independence with this American flag-themed blade
  • Butterfly Knife: Fly away with the colorful, animated effects of this purple knife
  • I Heart Sensei Background: Pay your respects to the wise ninja sensei with this polaroid photo background
  • Great Wave Background: Use this famous piece of art as the perfect backdrop for slicing fruit
  • Yin Yang Background: Balance your body, soul and ninja spirit with this background
You can get this nifty little App from Amazon.

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