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Sony Wants 3rd

There has long been a competition between the smartphone manufacturer. However, with Samsung and Apple being as they are, they pretty much cover the wide majority of things to be gained. To put it into perspective, Samsung and Apple are the titans sitting at the table fighting over the king’s share. In comparison to them, the rest of the manufacturers are like the dogs and mice fighting over the scraps that fall from the table. Well, maybe I shouldn’t be so dramatic, but point is that there is very little left for other to have considering that most of the market belong to Samsung and Apple.

That is why, for the 3rd place as best manufacturer there is a heavy competition. So far, Sony has vowed to take that place and claim it and is making strong efforts to get there. After being overtaken by Huawei and almost being overtaken by ZTE, they realized that they need to step up their game and stop underestimating the many, but strong, Chinese manufacturers. As of December 31st, Huawei managed to take the 3rd place with their 4.9% marketshare. At that time, Sony only had a 4.5% market share and ZTE was close begind with their 4.3%.

Therefore, the only conclusion would be that the 3rd place is being raced for neck-to-neck. We can expect Sony to be releasing a lot more low-budget phones if they hope to not be overtaken by ZTE and yet overtake Huawei at the same time. Things are looking rather interesting from the consumer’s point of view. Only time will tell who will manage to take the coveted 3rd Place, and more importantly, who will be able to keep it.

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