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Skins Pro for Minecraft

Today we’ll be reviewing an app that helps you in making it all better for yourself in Minecraft. I am a person who fancies playing a bit of Minecraft once in a while. If you are familiar with the game Minecraft, you know you must have the game purchased in order to change your character skin / customize your game.

As you are well aware, if you’ve ever tried, you can’t just simply change the skin of your Minecraft character. If you want to do it you have to do it via the website. Even so you are only given the basic skin of the main character of the game – Steve ( as he was named by the community ). With that skin you can practice and edit all you want in order to create your desired character. However, most people don’t have the time to do that, so they just up and download a skin from the internet.

I believe the most used one is something called Skindex. However, what happens when you want to change your skin and you aren’t at a computer. Well, threat no more as the creator of this app has found a solution for all of your troubles. Since most people do not bother to create their own skin and instead just use the skin of their favorite movie, book or game character, there are those with more talent, time and benevolence that create those skins and put them on the internet for all to use. This app grants you access to those skins and allows you to add it directly to your Minecraft game.


  • Over 300 custom skins to apply to your character
  • Exclusive skins which you cannot find anywhere else
  • Also, new skins are added weekly and the app does not prompt you for an Update each time a skin come out. Actually, it almost never prompts you for updates.


The creator of this little app would like to point out that by no form or shape is this an Editor for skins. This program allows you to quickly search for a skin, or if you know the name of the player whose skin you’d like to have, search for that, and then quickly upload it to Minecraft.

This game is all about changing the character skin in the hit game Minecraft. One of the many great features of Minecraft is the ability to show off your individualism while you build your future masterpiece. This app helps you do these things through 3 primary functions : firstly – you get skins that aren’t available anywhere else, secondly – the app eases your process of changing the character’s skin from one another from inside the app and the app will simply direct you along the way, and thirdly – if you like someone else’s skin, you can always search for his name and copy his skin.

This app requires an active internet connection in order to function well. When you open the application, it will grab skins from the server. Because of that minor thing, the creator can add skins weekly without the app asking for constant updates. Thus, you can expect a nice stream of new skins in the coming months and your selection to get bigger and bigger.

Please note that if you are having trouble seeing some of the skins, it is all because of the internet connection. Should you have any question, the creators have gracefully given their contact information on the application page.

You can get this really awesome little app from Amazon.

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