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LG G Flex: Going Global

The LG G Flex was a pretty marvelous invention, though it was somewhat expensive and a bit limited. Now, at least, one of those things will be removed – the limited part, to clarify. As of next month, as the title of this little article would suggest, the LG G Flex is going global. Initially, it will just be spread more in key Asian markets, but soon after it will become available in other regions of the world as well.

For instance, a location like Singapore will have the LG G Flex available for pre-order by December 8, where as other places like Hong Kong will be able to put their hands on the device on December 13 through all major carriers and retailers.

Here’s a bit of a back-story about the LG G Flex ( in case you’ve missed our little review about it, which you can find HERE ). This is an innovation from LG that’s equipped with a flexible Plastic OLED ( P-OLED ) display and a slightly curved body that can also be bent to a small extent. In essence, they tried to prove that they have part of the tech necessary to make a fully flexible device, but they need more non-rigid parts in order to make one that can be bent in all directions ). Another unique aspect of this device was the self-healing back coating that is capable of fixing minor scratches after a short time. Inside, it’s basically an LG G2 but with an even bigger battery ( 3500 mAh ), despite the curved body.

This device was shown to do WAY better than the other curved phone, the Galaxy Round, despite being just as limited market-wise as that one was. One cannot help but shudder at the results this device will bring by making it available for a global region.

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