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How Mobile Apps Lead the Way for Gaming on the Go

In the tech world as in life, there are certain universal truths; The new iPhone will always come out just as your typical non-gadget-geek has caught up with the last one, Internet startups will always omit vowels from their name, and there’ll always be that hardcore crowd of early adopters who put the latest tech to work way before the rest of us mortals have even heard of it.

We’re not just talking consumers here, either. Sure, we’ve come to think of the term ‘early adopter’ as those passionate digital devotees for whom spending all night camped outside a store just to be the first to get their hands on a new toy is a natural part of daily life, but if you ask us, it’s a title equally deserved by those industries who are the first to capitalize on any new platform.

A Seldom-Spoken Truth

Leading the charge, it’s hard to ignore the role the adult entertainment industries in showing the rest of us how to monetize modern media. In what CNN once referred to as a “widely acknowledged but seldom-spoken truth” it’s fair to say that whenever a new form of media or content delivery is developed, those in the business of selling scintillation are usually the first to find a way to make a profit from it.

This is nothing new. From print magazines to the Internet, you can bet your last that you’ll always find some skin-shilling entrepreneur being among the first to use it as a business tools.

Speaking of betting, that brings us to another sector who are never too far behind the adult industries when it comes to finding new uses for new technology; the gambling trade.

Though they may not have been quite so successful with every new platform ever created, it’s fair to say that they’ve more than given the flesh peddlers a run for their money online, and especially on smartphones.

From Virtual Reality to Gaming on the Go

First taking modern gambling houses into virtual reality platforms online, these days the industry generates a significant amount of its profits from mobile casino apps, advancing the idea of gaming on the go from simple little time-killers with dire graphics to aesthetically pleasing, highly interactive experiences designed to rival anything gamers could find on a larger device.

Yet it isn’t merely from a technical aspect that these apps have given modern digital game manufacturers something to think about. Indeed, whether it’s through all-inclusive casino apps inviting players to indulge in a number of traditional casino games, or one-purpose products like the array of slot-machine type games currently boasting hundreds of thousands of downloads on Google Play, if there’s anything the casino industry has taught us about mobile gaming, it’s that players are pretty happy to part with their cash to enhance their gaming experience, even if it is only in small doses at any one time.

This simple fact alone has done so much to revolutionize gaming on the go, proving to designers that there is a profit to be made providing they can come up with the a reward that’s worth the relatively small risk of pouring money into a mobile app.

And that’s only for starters. As on-the-go devices like smartphones and tablets continue to evolve, you can bet the farm that the casino industry won’t be too far behind them, all the while showing most of us how to properly utilize these powerful new platforms. That is of course, after the adult industries have had their go first.

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