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Annoying Orange: Kitchen Carnage

Who can honestly say they’ve never watched an Annoying Orange video in their life. And if you haven’t, what are you doing with your life? The videos may not be the best around but they sure have a large enough number of fans watching them. Ever wondered where the people that make videos get their “unlimited money” everyone is so jacked up about? Well, they don’t. They get a tad bit of cash from YouTube, but mostly they earn from the contribution of the user.

You may not like the videos, but the game is much more fun. It’s like Fruit Ninja, but the fruit have faces and can talk. Don’t feel that psychotic as to ignore the pleads for sweet, sweet mercy of the innocent fruit? Think of it this way : by paying less than a dollar for this game, you are greatly helping the creator who is wasting precious time of his life providing you with free entertainment. Giving something back once in a while won’t hurt you.

Also, one may really enjoy this game as it is highly addictive. The gameplay isn’t so difficult. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to play it. All you have to do is catapult the fruit to their juicy deaths. Did I also mention that the graphics are astonishing? Not only that but how often do you get the chance of getting an awesome game for less than a dollar?


  • As I already said, you are to flick apples, cantaloupes and all sorts of fruits to their juicy deaths in a beautifully rendered 3D environment
  • You can earn bonus points with multipliers on cutting boards, blenders and so much more
  • Wreak havoc by unleashing the 1000000-watt microwave
  • Claim the top spot in the fruit salad via OpenFeint
  • There are over 50 series voice clips and animations to enjoy


He is cute, annoying and most of all – an orange. To some he is the king of comedy, prince of puns and earl of irritation while to others he is just a royal pain in the butt. Call him what you will, but just not an apple for he hates that. The smart-alecky, helium-inflated citrus has won a humongous amount of followers since his animated skits debuted online in 2009. Now, the Annoying Orange comes to you in this hot new arcade game for Android.

Annoying Orange: Kitchen Carnage features some vivid fruit-splattering action in a beautifully rendered 3D kitchen. Toss around characters such as Cantaloupe, Banana and “Painapple” to their pulpy deaths with just a flick of your fingers while Orange does its thing with maniacal laughter and irritating puns.

Rack up Kitchen Carnage points by slicing and juicing all of the produce in your sights. You can use blenders, cutting boards and even the almighty “Vent Hood of Death” to earn point multipliers. Wreak enough havoc and others who are hiding in cabinets and such will turn up to see what all of the commotion is about. When you see the “SHAKE” signal, start shaking your mobile to draw out members of Orange’s entourage who were hiding to earn bonus time for destroying their race. Keep an eye out for the irradiated limes that occasionally roll around the kitchen counter. Collect 3 of them to unleash the fury of the 1 million watt microwave and become the most feared fruitatarian of the kitchen.

Also, be sure to check out the Balloon Pop challenge in which you can unleash your fruity fury and climb the OpenFeint leaderboard. Other newer features include the new high-point character Fred Figglecorn as well as the new Fruitcake character bonus.

This game has everything an Annoying Orange fan will need. In addition to its eye-popping 3D graphics and splatter action, the app offers fans a ton of unique voice clips and animations from the series ( more than 50, if you want to talk numbers ). You can also tap on the YouTube link to go right to the dedicated YouTube channel of the Orange and catch his latest adventures or review episodes you have enjoyed in the past.

Think yourself the best at what you do, but what you do isn’t very nice? Claim your spot as master of the fruit salad with OpenFeint where this game offers over 20 achievements and three global leaderboards. Convenient buttons let you share all of your scores on Facebook and Twitter with a single touch.

You can get this awesome little app from Amazon.

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