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Hidden Garden

Surprise, surprise. Yet another Hidden Object game. Do not fret for I am trying to avoid them as much as possible. However, as we stand, the Hidden Object games are the most popular ones ( or numerous, I don’t know which is more correct ) around whichever market I check out. This is a relatively short game and you shouldn’t ... Read More »

The Lost City

Today we’ll be reviewing another really awesome android game. This is yet another “hidden objects” game. Before you start complaining that there are already too many of those lying around, stop and think for a while : what other games work on most android devices? That is why there are so many of these games lying around – because they ... Read More »

The Treasure of Mystery Island

Today we’ll be reviewing a nifty little game in which you are to find hidden items. Before we start, let me ask you this : do you like hidden object games but find that the objects are often too easy to find, and you end up regretting the time and money you’ve spent on that game. Well, have I got ... Read More »

The Secret of Grisly Manor

Today we’ll be reviewing a very interesting Android game. This is a classic game in which you have to keep your eyes open for clues and pick up whatever isn’t nailed down to the floor in order to complete any puzzles you may encounter in the future. Judging from the reception this game had, it’s a pretty good game. Sure, ... Read More »

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