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Android in November 2013

As is customary for Android, they release a monthly pie-chart in which they show the progress of each new version of the Operating System, as well as indicate how all the rest are doing. Most people nowadays are mainly interested to see the progress of this latest version of Android – v4.4 KitKat, and frankly it’s rather impressive to see, ... Read More »

Motorola during Cyber Monday: Apologies and Rectifications

A few days ago I posted something about Motorola’s upcoming sale. They were going to offer their device, the Moto X, for a very reasonable price on Cyber-Monday ( which, as a non-american, I had little to no reason to care about, but I went ahead and told people about it anyways – if you you’re curious, I have a ... Read More »

A Brief History of Android

The Android Operating System – a wonder of technology that managed to grab the world by its throat and surprise everyone with its massive progress in the shortest of time has just turned 6 years old recently. Over its relatively short lifespan it has managed to capture more than 80% of the global-market, leaving both iOS and Windows Phones to ... Read More »

A Few Good-to-Know Commands of Google Now

Android OS v4.4 KitKat has made sure to fully support Google Now and make a great use of it. I can honestly say that it’s better implemented on it than on any other operating system. The list of known commands has grown exponentially as well, especially since KitKat was out. But there are many individuals that don’t know ANY of ... Read More »

CyanogenMod Installer: Not on Google Play Anymore

To my shame, I was unaware a rooting app even existed. But then again, the CyanogenMod installed only was on the Google Play store for a few weeks and I haven’t rooted an Android device for close to a few months now. Also, I used to get my things from other sites, NEVER from the official ones because I seemed ... Read More »

Motorola Moto X – Good News for Cyber-Monday

As a non-american, I must admit I had to Google the terms to find out what Cyber-Monday is, and if YOU too are non-american, you may as well stop reading right now. This little piece of good news is only oriented towards the people in the USA or that have access to Cyber-Monday, but considering it’s something that follows Thanksgiving ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy Round: A Mistake Perhaps?

Well, once again, while I’m not proud of it, my predictions ended up being true. I truly believed that the Samsung Galaxy Round wouldn’t really be an all that great device and it wouldn’t really make such a huge impact on the market. Well, apparently it has failed in even making a DENT in the marking, recording a really small ... Read More »

Nokia Owning 90% of Windows Phones

It’s no big secret that Nokia is owned by Microsoft now, and whether that’s good or not remains to be discussed ( I’ll do that at some point in time – weight the advantages and disadvantages, so keep a look-out for that article ). As things seem now, Nokia owns a rather impressive portion of the Windows Phone market – ... Read More »

GTA San Andreas – Soon on Android

GTA San Andreas, arguably one of the best ( if not THE best ) installment so far ( I haven’t played GTA V so don’t tell me IT IS THE BEST – as a PC Gamer, it doesn’t exist for me ) is finally coming to Android as of December. Rockstar Games, while taking a break from basking in the ... Read More »

IDC Report: Over 1 Billion Shipped in 2013

We were all expecting the smartphone sales to be larger than 2012, but according to a forecast from the International Data Corporation ( or IDC for short ), more than 1 billion of smartphones will have been shipped by the end of 2013. Looking closely at this number, you come to realize it represents a growth of close to 40% ... Read More »

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