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Helicopter Strike Force

The best comparison between this game and other games I might have is Raptor ( an old Sega Genesis game in which you took control of a jet plane with tons of weapons and went into enemy territory to prove how much better than them you were ). This game is just like that except a small difference. You don’t control a plane, you control a helicopter. The style of this shooting game is known as top-down since the enemies come from up the screen towards you ( which are coming from the down side of the screen ).

The story of this game :

An enemy dictator has seized some nuclear warheads and is holding the world hostage ( oh, joy!). You’ve been sent behind enemy lines with a top-secret helicopter strike force to wipe out his army and stop his evil plan before it’s too late-but when you arrive, your squad is caught in an ambush, counter and your friends are captured! Now it’s up to you.

It also has a multiplayer option so props to that.

You can get it from many places, but one of them would be Android Market.


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