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Pantech Pocket

This is something known as “made on a boat” in my country. A sort of “ghost” producer that most people haven’t heard about. Certain service providers take these said brands as producers to create certain products that bear the name of the said service provider instead of the producer itself. I tend to frown upon such tactics, but what can ... Read More »

LG Nitro HD

We’ve all gotten used to the high quality products LG has released in the past few years. It’s been mostly successful with its Optimus series, but this phone is also quite strong. Actually, if it would have been released an year ago, it might have even dominated the market. Ladies and gentlemen, the LG Nitro HD. Processor¬†: 1.5 GHz Scorpion ... Read More »

Motorola XT615

We’ve pretty much gotten used to Motorola releasing powerful devices. It’s nice to see they’ve improved over the years since in the past their merchendise was sadly not that powerful. What actually sent Motorola rocketing through the roof was ( in my opinion ) their work on the Xoom. Until that came out, few phones were actually noticeable. Processor¬†: 800 ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy Nexus i515

This is exactly the Galaxy Nexus phone which I have discussed earlier in another post. This phone is the non-GSM version of the Galaxy Nexus or Nexus Prime, as it is more commonly known. This phone can be only used in CDMA and LTE networks, which means it is better suited for the people that use the Internet more than ... Read More »

HTC ChaCha

The HTC ChaCha is a phone mostly fit for the females of our fare species. It’s shape and format kind of make it look more like a women’s smartphone. Heck, even the name is sort of weird for a smartphone. Not to mention the Facebook button over there. Not many normal guys use Facebook. Mostly only girls use it. But ... Read More »

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