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Wifi Switcher application

For Android users with large homes or office buildings, staying connected to fast and nearby wifi can be a chore. This is because Android doesn’t automatically switch to stronger wifi, it instead waits until you are completely out of range of your current connection. This can result in slow data transfer, and unnecessary use of mobile data.¬†Luckily for those of you with multiple routers, Cloudie Development has developed an app that adds this missing functionality.

Cloudie Development’s app, Wifi Switcher, fixes this exact problem. This app allows you to select multiple preferred routers that it will switch to automatically at a range you set from the connected router. It also includes several other features such as: showing a confirmation notification before switching routers, showing the full SSID of each router, and mobile data toggling. Recently many users discovered this app and it gained over 10,000 downloads. Originally it was plagued with bugs, mainly relating to the release of Android M, but just this month, the app was updated, fixing all issues reported by the users. It now runs very smoothly, and if you purchase the pro version, you won’t even need to open the app after the initial set-up.

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