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The Right Price ?

With the new Galaxy Nexus coming out, many people are interested on the pricing of this wonderful phone. To settle all worries, it costs a mere 300 dollars, same as the iPhone 4S, the DROID RAZR or the HTC Rezound. It costs a bit more than the 249 dollar LG Nitro HD (sold by AT&T). Those are all contractual prices. I’m afraid that the phone costs at least twice as much if you are planning to get one independently, without any contractual restraints.

The price of the phone on Verizon without any contract is about 649 dollars and the most absurd price you could get on it is 799 dollars from Best Buy. So far the best buy isn’t from Best Buy, instead AmazonWireless seems to have taken it. They are selling the phone at a whopping 149.99 dollars (when it comes to new Verizon customers) and 249.99 dollars for the older Verizon customers. When it comes to purchasing this phone online, Amazon seems to have taken the lead from all of the other customers.

If, for some reason, you’re not much into online shopping, you can also hop down to your nearest Verizon Wireless, Best Buy, Costco or Radio Shack store to pick up the phone. We saw some pictures of lines forming outside stores for the Galaxy Nexus so if you want one you better hurry.


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