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Read Just What You Need with Mailwise

Today, email is indispensable to our lives. We usually have more than one email accounts: one for work, one for personal use, one for the second job or side business. Personally, I do not have an exact count of how many email accounts I use, but I am certain that I have more than ten. Dealing with many email accounts, ... Read More »

Turn New Year Resolutions into Reality with Goalist

New Year is the time when we set up more goals than ever. And if we really want to achieve them, we should start acting now. A good first step may be getting a tool for managing and tracking them. One of such tools is Goalist. It lets you define a goal not as something you reach and move on ... Read More »

Five Android apps you must have before the year is out

2014 is coming to an end and while some of us are already eyeing up the latest Android phone on our Christmas list, many of us are just working on making our current phones the best they can be by adorning them with the latest apps. If you want to increase your phone’s value and make life that much more ... Read More »

How did the history of apps begin? With ‘the brick’!

Back in 1983 something extraordinary happened. Motorola revealed a piece of futuristic tech they’d be working on in their labs – it was a mobile phone. Weighing in at 2.5 lbs it wasn’t really all that mobile by today’s standards though. With the first mobile phone came the first app. It was a simple but effective contacts app that came ... Read More »