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Samsung Considering New Material

It’s been a while since the HTC One came out and many people still consider its design ( visually speaking ) to have been one of the best things since the invention of fire – I am speaking here about the aluminum unibody thing. It received so much praise from places with heavy weighing names that the average user actually began thinking “Why isn’t this implemented in more things?”. Certain rumors also started circulating at that time that Samsung was looking into alternative materials. There were actually those who thought they would resort to the same material, however,  the South Koreans had something completely different in mind, that being carbon fiber.

For that reason ( and hopefully to be implemented in phones as well ), Samsung Petrochemical and SGL Group formed a joint venture for the purpose of “developing new industrial and electronic applications with carbon composite materials for Samsung and the Korean market”. Obviously, much of the carbon fiber will be used for industrial products, but the electronics and electronic media is mentioned in the press release several times. Considering the state of current smartphone and the huge accent placed on size and weight, the need for lighter products should be a pretty big factor. Of course, the press release makes no direct mention that future Samsung phones will use carbon fiber and by the sound of it, the initial target will be the Korean market.

Still, it would be really swell to see more carbon fiber phones. So far it has seen only limited use in luxury phones and a handful of LG phones ( the Secret line, to be more precise ). Still, the carbon fiber makes the perfect combination of tough and light possible, so here’s hoping they will implement it in phones. Sam as with many other things out there, time will bring an answer to this as well.

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