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Leaking Ice Cream Sandwich

The Internet is buzzing as this new video hits the fan. This short video below is a quick preview of the Ice Cream Sandwich or the 2.4 android OS. Apparently the OS was already installed on a Nexus S bought of eBay, or so the user said.

Now naturally, if you had that on your Smartphone, you’d want to make a video of it as well. So that is what our user here did and PRESTO! A video of the Ice Cream Sandwich is now available for everyone to watch and make assumptions upon what it is going to be like.

It may be just my opinion, but it looks absolutely stunning. We can be looking forward to a great release of the Android OS.

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He is a technology enthusiast and experienced writer.


  1. Vcostello66 Vc

    When will this new OS be available in the UK?

  2. Depending on your phone.

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