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The Google Playstore is full of awesome games, but usually the best of them are hidden underneath a large pile of small irrelevant games. Honestly, just because a bunch of people with nothing better to do downloaded a silly horoscope app, that doesn’t mean that the said app is relevant to my situation or preferences. After a bit of digging around through the muck of irrelevant games and apps, I did manage to find something quite extraordinary – Incredipede.

I’ve always been a fan of these “Create your Own Creature” puzzle games, frankly that’s probably the reason why I played Spore so much – simply for the liberty that it offered me as a player. I’m happy to say that this game actually does the same thing ( but you’ll see it for yourself in just a moment ).


  • Build and control a staggering array of creatures ( if that doesn’t suit you, you can always use the pre-made ones )
  • Three beautifully crafted worlds that equate to 120 levels
  • Turn your own creature into a pre-made one and let others try and figure it out
  • Create your own puzzles in the Level Editor
  • Immersive and beautifully crafted environments


This is a puzzle game with a relatively simple objective: get from starting point A to finishing point B, and if possible collect all the items in between. The problem with that, aside from all the obstacles present on the course, is that your main controllable character has no limbs – it’s just a ball with an eye on it. Ah, but Quozzle, the main character, is no ordinary ball, it is an Incredipede capable of growing limbs and muscles from virtually everywhere ( even out of other limbs ).

This is often referred to as “A game about life and feet”, with good reason mind you. Using all the things at your disposal, you can teach Quozzle to swing through trees, limb sheer cliffs, dance over rivers of lava or even fly ( some amount of thermal winds may be required ). In other words, this game sort-of celebrates the vast diversity of life in the world.

I mentioned this before, but only briefly. If you don’t like building things ( for some sick reason ), you can always try and use the pre-made Quozzles available to you, each one with different strengths, capabilities and restrictions ( where the case applies ). This game is only limited by your imagination. Now, to talk about the graphics of the game: I LOVE them. It’s a kind of game with that unique hand-drawn aspect to it, the kind of drawings I usually found in my old story-books from when I was a child.

If you’d like, I’ll even go ahead and post a trailer for the game that shows a bit of gameplay too, so you could better grasp what I’m talking about:

Now for those of you that don’t like paying for games, you will be VERY disappointed. First off, this is a GREAT game, and great games cost more than 1 dollar. By some standards, it may seem a tad expensive, but it’s worth the full 4.5 dollars demanded for it. However, allow me to point you to a BETTER deal.

I’m not sure how many of you are aware of this, but there is something known as the Humble Bundle – a charity programs that offers games for various platforms in exchange for a few measly dollars that all go to charity ( or however you want them to go, since you can pretty much choose how the money will be split ). They mostly offer indie titles, but every once and again they come through offering some large title like Battlefield 3 or Dead Space 3 or Saints Row 3 ( damn, that’s a lot of threes ). The reason why I brought this up is because they have a neat deal going on right now with their Humble Store ( they have 3 things there – the Humble Bundle that changes every two weeks, the Humble Weekly Sale that changes weekly and the Humble Store that has its own daily deals and permanent products, but that one operates differently since it has fixed prices, where as in the others YOU decide the price ). You can find Incredipede in the Humble Store under the Android rubric for 9.99 dollars, but in that price they give you the Android game, a Steam version for both PC and MAC, a Linux version and a DRM-free version as well.

To avoid people telling me I take sides, I’ll tell you this: you can get the game from the Play Store and the Official Website of the game, but MY personal recommendation would be getting it from the Humble Store since it’s a great deal and part of it is going to charity as well.

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