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A good and cheap Android phone I recommend

Recently a friend asked me to recommend an Android phone. I told him that first he should look at his carrier and see what they can offer. I noticed that the cheapest Android phone was a Samsung i5500. When I took a closer look I noticed that it runs Android 2.1, which was considered new at that time. Read More »

Can you find 3 advantages of IPhone over Android ?

The media is very powerfull these days, we are tempted to buy anything a star recommends. If you see an actor from Hollywood using a gadget how likely is to desire to have it ? I will tell you: very likely. Is this the right decision to make ? Buy the gadget that actors buy, or the gadgets that all ... Read More »

Google Nexus One

The Nexus One ¬†phone is made by HTC too, and we already know that HTC is good at making phones. Why is this phone different ? It is the only one with “Google” in it’s name. This means that it is Google preferred phone and Google are the creators of Android. Practically this phone is taken as a standard for ... Read More »

HTC Desire

In simple words: a great phone. What makes this phone so great ? Everything: Top Operating System, Android provided by Google. A great user interface developed internally by HTC, called Sense UI and a great hardware inside. With Android Operating System you have hundred of thousands applications available to use, from simple compass or shopping list to apps that let you effectively manage your bills, your facebook or twitter account. Read More »