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Many people who get Android devices stop and wonder at some point: “How do I block all these annoying ads in all my apps?”. There are solutions out there to the Ad problem. Useful as Ads may be to some, they are annoying and utterly useless to the regular user. And I am not necessarily mad about the ones who just offer you an Ad at the top of the screen, but there are those apps that do nothing but bombard you with ads and all that for a minor feature which isn’t all that useful in the first place. That is why this app comes in quite useful. It will just run on the background and ensure that no other ad makes it through its filter.

If you’ve ever stopped to search for an Adblocker in the past, you’d know that there aren’t a whole lot of AdBlockers that work on non-rooted devices, and not many new Android users are in a hurry to root their device. That’s an aspect that makes this quite unique. Adblock Plus is one of those few Adblock programs that will actually run on non-rooted devices. Sure, it will work better on the rooted ones and offer a bit more features, but the fact remains. Personally, I have no problem against rooting and took my chances with it in the second week of owning a smartphone. However, others aren’t so brave and they scare easily when they hear about the voiding of warranty bit and future complications. You have to do something wrong in order for that to happen, but that’s a story for another time.

You can even find a video at the end of this article which explains the app better than I.


  • Blocks Mobile Ads
  • Blocks Video Advertising
  • Blocks Banners
  • Blocks Push Notifications
  • Blocks Display Advertising
  • Blocks HTML5 Ads


This app blocks 100% of the annoying apps in all of your Android apps, in your browser and in all of your tasks. Note, however, that it will not run as good on all versions. For instance, while it may work on non-rooted devices, in case you have it rooted it will also block the ads that come over Wi-Fi or 3G ( Internet Ads, to be more exact ). However, if you have a non-rooted device, it will be slightly limited depending on your Android version. In case you have Android OS 3.1 and above, it will block all Wi-Fi and 3G ads. However, if your Android OS version is below 3.0, you will have to do some manual tweaking and configuration with this app. Also, note that this app is limited to blocking SSL encrypted website ads, as Android prevents the blocking of those particular ads.

Here the video that I previously mentioned:

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