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This game isn’t for everyone. I’ve mentioned before that games aren’t usually for everyone since they require some amount of skill to finish. This game makes no difference from the general rule. It is even more so, since it is a sort of arcade game. The kind that was really popular in the 90s (most games back then were this way). While most games these days require not a great amount of strength to finish, this game requires quite a large amount of skill to even pass the first few levels.

Official Description :

Fun retro 2d platform game

Oldschool arcade fun – From the developer of Meganoid and Super Drill Panic!

See if you have the skills of the 90’s arcade games, survive the many levels by running and jumping, collecting coins, and unlocking special Temple levels.

In full gameboy style, Stardash is all about gameplay thrown at you in awesome retro graphics and original chiptunes.

You want HD graphics? badly-playable but awesome looking games? then please don’t get this game.. this is just old fashioned arcade fun in a sweet retro jacket.

We designed this game because we were wondering how a classic Nintendo game would look and play on a smartphone.. we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Official Video :

You can get this game from the Android Market.

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