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Phone Story

Well news if flying by my ears that Apple has banned this from their App Store, and I happened to notice it still exists in the Android Market.

This nifty little game is referring strictly to the production of the iPhone … with illegally gained materials. Now I’m not saying anything against it, cause odds are, it may be true.

But I won’t say my official opinion since Apple could any day get mad while reading this and they might make a lawsuit against me as well.

Below you have the description of the game :

Phone Story is an educational game about the hidden social costs of smartphone manufacturing. Follow your phone’s journey from the Coltan mines of the Congo to the electronic waste dumps in Pakistan through four colorful mini-games. Compete with market forces in an endless spiral of technological obsolescence.

You can keep Phone Story in your favorite device as a reminder of your impact on this world.
All revenues from the sale of this app will be donated to organizations working to solve the issues mentioned in this game.

You can get it HERE.

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