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New Google Versions of HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4

As it was originally expected, the new versions of the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4 have gone on sale. Personally, I do enjoy the Google devices to some degree, except they do have one major drawback to their names. Sure, many people won’t even notice this drawback, but if you plan on rooting you Android device, it surfaces out quite nicely. At the risk of straying a bit from the matter at hand, I shall tell you about this disadvantage of Google devices. Rooting usually has no drawbacks whatsoever ( apart from voiding your warranty, but usually people wait until that’s done before doing the process ) and it offers a lot of advantages. However, while rooting does not usually harm any of your data, on Google devices you have to go an extra mile to ensure that it doesn’t happen. Usually, it deletes each and every file, app or anything else you have installed on your device’s memory in the process for Google devices. To specify, when I say Google device I mean the ones that show you the Google logo when powering on.

Now when I talk about the HTC One and Galaxy S4 going on sale, I mean it on the Google Play store. Also, this is only available in the United States. The Pure Google Samsung Galaxy S4 is priced at 649 dollars, where as the HTC One is offered at a slightly cheaper price of 599 dollars. Both devices are offered with free delivery. The scheduled shipping date of these two giants is scheduled on or before July 9.

The stock Android editions of these two phones are sure to attract a fair deal of attention for the Google purists, who aren’t quite keen on living with some of the restrictions and limitations of the Nexus 4. Considering the difference in the pricing, however, it is quite easy to assume that the sales of the Nexus 4 aren’t very likely to feel the competition.

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